Over the past couple of years since the fire, homeowners and people building new homes in Slave Lake & surrounding area are looking for a reasonable option to get a local 849 phone number with low monthly unlimited local calling, reasonable long distance rates within Canada as well as international calling.

Slave Lake Communications Ltd. offers a solution for those looking for an all-in-one phone and high-speed Internet provider or individuals or businesses just looking for a reliable 849 local telephone number without having to pay (or wait) for trenching to their homes.

We can provide a reliable VOIP connection with an 849 local phone number.

 VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which essentially means you can run your phone line over an Internet connection. There are many benefits of having this type of technology but the one our customers are interested in the most is the cost.

Our VOIP plans start at $25/month.

We offer the following for our VOIP customers:

  • Unlimited Local Monthly Calling At A Flat Rate
  • Provide You With A Local 849 Phone Number
  • Any Time Long Distance Within Canada (Starting at $0.02/minute)
  • Any Time International Calling at Reduced Rates (Please Call For per Minute Quote For Area you Are Interested In Calling)
  • Ability To Fax Via VOIP Number (Adaptor Required)
  • Ability To Migrate Existing Phone Numbers (Some Additional Fees May Apply For Set-Up)
  • NO CHARGE: Call Display, Voicemail & Call Waiting
  • Ability to install in home, office or field offices for a reliable phone connection where cell service is poor or unreliable

If you are looking for a reliable phone solution for your home, office or field office, give us a call today and find out if we can make that happen in your area! (780)849-2429


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