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Slave Lake Communications New Rates Plans

With growing demands on broadband services we are pleased to offer higher speeds, more usage at a reduced rate for both residential & businesses in areas that we cover. Please contact us at our shop 780-849-2429 or email us at for more information.

Net100 100GB of total usage, speed up to 4Mbps @ $49.00/month

Net200 200GB of total usage, speed up to 6Mbps @ $89.00/month

Net300 300GB of total usage, speed up to 10Mbps @ $129.00/month

Net500 500GB of total usage, speed up to 15Mbps @ $159.00/month

* prices include GST

Slave Lake Communications, Northern Alberta’s premier Internet service provider is now offering up to five email accounts when new customers sign up for Internet access. A full suite of plans are available.

Slave Lake, AB (PRWEB) January 23, 2014

When it comes to Internet service in Slave Lake, ABSlave Lake Communications is leading the pack by utilizing the latest technology, networks, and infrastructure. The latest in their long line of upgrades to their services is their updated Internet Service Rate Plans, allowing customers to have up to five email accounts. The new plans are as follows:

  • The NET40 plan for $40 a month, comes with one email account, and 10GB of usage.
  • The NET60 plan for $60 a month, comes with 3 email accounts, and 60GB of usage.
  • The NET100 plan for $100 a month, comes with 3 email accounts and 100GB of usage.
  • The NET160 plan for $160 a month, comes with 5 email accounts and 160GB of usage.

The NET40 plan is perfect for the person who only uses the Internet to send a receive emails and surf the web. The three other plans available are designed for households or businesses that may have multiple computers, and heavy video and gaming usage. This allows customers the option to fit their plan with their usage and budget. Customers also have the option to add additional GB of usage for an additional $5 per month, per GB.

The free email accounts offered with the plans are especially valuable, because they are completely secure. Slave Lake Communications does not scan emails to target advertising like Yahoo, Google, and the other large email services. Customers with Slave Lake Communications can rest assured knowing that their emails are completely private and secure.

Beyond being the area’s leading Internet service provider, Slave Lake Communications has a complete telecommunication company services, as well as products like satellite phone service, two way radios, remote car starters, and car audio and video installation.

In addition, Slave Lake Communications services business and industrial customers. They are northern Alberta’s SCADA professionals. Slave Lake Communications has field technicians who can service and install radio equipment and booster or repeater systems at water wells, gas fields, and waste water treatment plants. Also, Slave Lake Communications has a full range of fleet services, including vehicle monitoring, vehicle cameras, two way radios and much more


About Slave Lake Communications:
Slave Lake Communications is a family owned and operated business that has been serving northern Alberta since 1976. They pride themselves on being your one stop shop for all your communications needs from complete cellular installations to high speed Internet and Internet on the go. Whether you are a residential, commercial or industrial customer, they can help you with your communications requirements in most areas surrounding Calling Lake, Kinuso, Wabasca, Swan Hills and of course, Slave Lake.

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Slave Lake Communications Now Offers Up to Five Email Accounts with Internet Access

With all of the fine print and the fancy advertising of “unlimited” plans for internet and mobile phones these days, it’s no wonder consumers are looking to get back to basics with their internet Slave Lake and area service. Slave Lake Communications recognize customers want less restrictions on usage so we have decided to almost double the monthly allowable for our internet customers while keeping the same monthly rate. To start the New Year off right we have also decided to drastically lower our over usage rate per GB – we understand sometimes going over your limit does happen but we don’t think you should be taken advantage of for it.

Internet Service Provider Slave Lake

At Slave Lake Communications we feel so called “unlimited” plans sound appealing at the start but once signed into a lengthy contract many people find out the hard way that usage allowance wasn’t the most important feature you should have focused on when choosing a provider. Other significant factors to consider become quality of service, latency, customer service, uptime, etc.

At Slave Lake Communications, we believe in our internet service so much that we stand behind any contract by honouring our 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like the service for any reason, you are not locked into a long-term contract you don’t want.

Slave Lake Communications is a local family owned and operated telecommunications company and we are always striving to better our services for customers. As a result, we take our responsibility as an internet service provider for Slave Lake and surrounding areas very seriously. We have addressed some issues regarding areas of coverage so if we couldn’t get you service a few years ago we may be able to service your location now. Either way, we don’t mind trying again so give us a call to discuss your internet needs.

Another recent change is we are also installing new equipment that can provide even higher speeds in town for those customers (mainly businesses), who require higher upload & download speeds for remoting into servers, VPN or data entry applications. Because we are a local company and we live in the area, we are also consumers of internet services and strive to provide the highest level of customer service and technology available today. Our number one goal is to always treat our customers the same way we would expect to be treated. To see full details on Slave Lake Communications’ high speed, wireless internet rates click here.

If you have questions about our internet service or coverage in your area, give us a call today (780) 849-2429.

Introducing New Internet Service Options in Slave Lake

Internet service in Slave Lake has never been so easy with Slave Lake Communications, Ltd.

Internet service providers are on the rise throughout the world and more and more devices are running off the internet to feed the public demand for ‘internet on the go’. Slave Lake Communications, Ltd. has risen to the front of the pack with several different options for internet in Slave Lake. The internet users will have no trouble with internet service being provided, maintained and up-to-date in Slave Lake.

Some of the Internet Service options provided by Slave Lake Communications are;

Internet Mobile Key:

An effective way internet is provided by Slave Lake Communications is by an ‘Internet Mobile Key’. This is an awesome internet product that offers mobile internet ‘on the go’ with a handy little USB device. There has been consistent download speeds of up to 21.1 Mbps and upload up to 5.76 Mbps. This allows internet to be accessed wherever, and whenever, it’s needed. Take a laptop to the park, a favorite coffee shop or even a camping trip. The possibilities are endless with internet using the ‘Mobile Internet Key’.

Wireless High Speed Internet:

Slave Lake Communications’ Wireless High Speed Internet the options are endless. With the Internet being provided wirelessly throughout a home there’s no reason to be stuck at a desk anymore. With the freedom of wireless internet provided by Slave Lake Communications one can roam around the house accessing email, TV shows and even movies. Slave Lake Communications strives to bring the newest technology to the public so internet services can be the last thing to worry about.

Point to Point Internet:

Another wonderful product from Slave Lake Communications is Point to Point Internet where high speed internet is brought to a second location when there is an existing internet connection within the line of sight. Point to Point Internet puts out a loud and clear signal to all devices that can accept it at both locations. For example, a summer camp recreation building can stay connected to the main office at the camp via Point to Point Internet.

With several internet products available by Slave Lake Communications, Ltd. it’s hard to go wrong. Slave Lake Communications’ superior customer service is available to help make the best choice in picking the right internet products for any customer’s needs and has been a major factor in driving them to being the Slave Lake Internet Service Provider industry leader.

Slave Lake Communications offers residential, commercial and industrial services to Slave Lake, Calling Lake, Wabasca, Kinuso, Swan Hills and most areas in between. Give us a call at (780) 849-2429 or simply Contact Us.

Slave Lake Communications Ltd.
508 Birch Road NE
Slave Lake, AB T0G 2A2

+Scott Brownlee

Unlimited Internet In Slave Lake

Internet Slave LakeOur Mom used to always say, “There’s no such thing as FREE…”

More and more we have been getting questions from Slave Lake and area residents if we have unlimited high speed internet plans available here at Slave Lake Communications Ltd. and I start to hear my Mom’s voice ringing in my ears…

The term “unlimited” gets thrown around a lot in the telecommunications industry and in reality, my Mom was right (don’t tell her I told you) – everything always a price.

The major reason for using a term such as “unlimited” is to Read the rest of this entry