What Is Lightning Protection (& Does It Really Work)?

We have heard numerous stories about lightning causing havoc on equipment and causing downtime which costs companies money -

lightning protection is an option most companies don’t realize exists. What’s it costing you NOT to have lightning protection system in place to prevent downtime and lost revenue?

Slave Lake communications offers the highest level of products for lightning protection, watch the video below to see what’s possible:

Here are some reviews of individuals using the same lightning supplies we install:

“During one project we were caught in a lightning storm. We sawa part of the facility take several direct lightning strikes. After DAS was installed we could literally see lightning move at an angle, away from the site” (Matt Jones, Project Manager, Ashley Automation)

“The proof is in what we have experienced so far. When a storm is close we never experience any problems of loss of equipment due to that.” (Jerry Coufal, Network Operations Supervisor, Tri-State Generation & Transmission Assoc.)

“The data shows us the DAS system works. It’s undoubtedly saved us from numerous potential lightning strikes since it’s been implemented.” (Rick Brehm, Control Systems Manager, Tennessee Valley Authority – Browns Ferry)

If your office or equipment require lightning protection, please give us a call (780) 849-2429 to see how we can help you eliminate the risk of lightning damage to your property, equipment, datasystems and much more!

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