Slave Lake Communications is now offering an alternative low cost local and long distance phone service to residents of Slave Lake and surrounding areas using VoIP technology.

Slave Lake, AB — November 12, 2013

VoIP stands for Voice over IP, and allows phone communications over the Internet using a local phone number. Slave Lake customers can now have a local 849 number that works through their Internet connection without phone lines.

The biggest advantage to using a VoIP phone is cost. Slave Lake Communications is now offering local unlimited phone service starting around $25 a month. Long distance calls throughout Canada can be as low as .02 cents per minute. International long distance rates vary by country. Slave Lake Communicationscan give you a per minute quote for a specific country you wish to call.

The good news is that customers may have the option to migrate their existing phone numbers to this service, though additional set up charges may apply. This is a perfect lower cost alternative for phone service especially in rural areas not yet serviced by phone lines or families who have regular international phone calls. Customers need not wait or pay for trenching telephone lines to their property to have great local and international phone service. Some plans include free voice mail, call waiting, and caller ID.

Slave Lake Communications has been serving the Norhtern Alberta area for almost half a century. A family business, started by Bill Brownlee (at High Level TV), Slave Lake Communications is now run by his son, Scott. The sister company Whitecourt Communications, is operated by his other son, Curtis. The family and their team of telecommunications technicians realize the unique needs of their customers and have noticed – especially after the fires – a demand for a low cost dependable local 849 phone service. For this reason, Slave Lake Communications implemented the VoIP phone service. This is the perfect phone service for areas where cell service is spotty and unreliable. VoIP plans are tailored to both residential and business accounts.

Slave Lake Communications Ltd. serves Northern Alberta including the communities of Slave Lake, Wabasca, Swan Hills, Calling Lake, Kinuso, and surrounding rural areas. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are known throughout the area for friendly, prompt, and highly professional service. Slave Lake Communications is the premier company in Northern Alberta for all communications needs including cellular service and Internet service.

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