Internet service in Slave Lake has never been so easy with Slave Lake Communications, Ltd.

Internet service providers are on the rise throughout the world and more and more devices are running off the internet to feed the public demand for ‘internet on the go’. Slave Lake Communications, Ltd. has risen to the front of the pack with several different options for internet in Slave Lake. The internet users will have no trouble with internet service being provided, maintained and up-to-date in Slave Lake.

Some of the Internet Service options provided by Slave Lake Communications are;

Internet Mobile Key:

An effective way internet is provided by Slave Lake Communications is by an ‘Internet Mobile Key’. This is an awesome internet product that offers mobile internet ‘on the go’ with a handy little USB device. There has been consistent download speeds of up to 21.1 Mbps and upload up to 5.76 Mbps. This allows internet to be accessed wherever, and whenever, it’s needed. Take a laptop to the park, a favorite coffee shop or even a camping trip. The possibilities are endless with internet using the ‘Mobile Internet Key’.

Wireless High Speed Internet:

Slave Lake Communications’ Wireless High Speed Internet the options are endless. With the Internet being provided wirelessly throughout a home there’s no reason to be stuck at a desk anymore. With the freedom of wireless internet provided by Slave Lake Communications one can roam around the house accessing email, TV shows and even movies. Slave Lake Communications strives to bring the newest technology to the public so internet services can be the last thing to worry about.

Point to Point Internet:

Another wonderful product from Slave Lake Communications is Point to Point Internet where high speed internet is brought to a second location when there is an existing internet connection within the line of sight. Point to Point Internet puts out a loud and clear signal to all devices that can accept it at both locations. For example, a summer camp recreation building can stay connected to the main office at the camp via Point to Point Internet.

With several internet products available by Slave Lake Communications, Ltd. it’s hard to go wrong. Slave Lake Communications’ superior customer service is available to help make the best choice in picking the right internet products for any customer’s needs and has been a major factor in driving them to being the Slave Lake Internet Service Provider industry leader.

Slave Lake Communications offers residential, commercial and industrial services to Slave Lake, Calling Lake, Wabasca, Kinuso, Swan Hills and most areas in between. Give us a call at (780) 849-2429 or simply Contact Us.

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