That’s correct, Slave Lake Communications out of Slave Lake, AB is offering Internet service at no charge to one lucky recipient. Read the full article to find out more about this contest and to enter for a chance to win Internet for the 2014 year.

Slave Lake, AB — November 25, 2013

Slave Lake Communications is putting on a contest starting on November 25, 2013 – and running until Noon on December 31, 2013 – one lucky winner will get free Internet service for an entire year. In order to enter, contestants will need to write a review about their experience with Slave Lake Communications. This can be done on the company’s website testimonial page, and also on their Facebook page. The lucky winner can get a years’ worth of free Internet service by putting in just a few minutes of their time to share their Slave Lake Communications experience – some restrictions apply, see the website for full details.

Slave Lake Communications is a locally owned family business. The Brownlee’s have been fixtures in the Telecommunications and Internet industry since 1976. They greatly appreciate all of their loyal customers and want to attract new customers who have not yet experienced their friendly, prompt, and professional service. They pride themselves on friendly, local customer service.

As the Internet plays a bigger and bigger part of most people’s lives, Slave Lake Communications realizesthe power of the Internet is a big part of their own success. That is why they are offering this contest, because every business appreciates great customer testimonials and reviews. We welcome all feedback because that allows the company to address potential issues and continue progressing positively as a staple of the Slave Lake community.

Some ideas to write about include:

1. Why did you choose Slave Lake Communications?

2. How was your installation experience?

3. How does the company react to problems/ interruptions of service?

4. Why would you recommend Slave Lake Communications over another company?

5. Was there any time that the technicians from Slave Lake Communications provided outstanding customer service?

This is Slave Lake Communication’s way of giving back to all of their loyal customers in Slave Lake and surrounding areas including but not limited to: Swan Hills, Smith, Red Earth, Calling Lake, Wabasca and most areas in between. The winner will be announced at the beginning of next year after the close of the contest on December 31, 2013. Slave Lake Communications also has a Facebook page and urges their customers to “Like” the page to keep up with upcoming contests, specials, and announcements. Remember, you can’t win the contest if you don’t enter!

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Original Article:

Internet technology has rapidly changed in the past several years and Slave Lake Communications has kept right up to speed with the wireless technology. The company has several towers throughout the area and can custom build a wireless network for any home, business, service rig, or farm.

Slave Lake, Alberta — October 23, 2013

Slave Lake Communications Ltd. has been serving the central Alberta area since 1976, and has survived the rapidly changing communications game as wireless technology burst onto the scene. The company is Slave Lake’s locally owned and operated Internet service provider, and provides a range of services including cell phones, local VOIP phone services and two way radios. Slave Lake Communications services both residential and commercial accounts and rural areas throughout North Central Alberta.

Slave Lake Communications is a family run business and was started by Bill Brownlee nearly forty years ago when he operated under the name “High Level TV”. He took his sons Scott and Curtis out on service calls with him when they were kids, and naturally, they joined him in the business as soon as they were old enough. The family understands the unique needs of rural customers and has worked hard to get everyone in Northern Alberta area connected.

Internet technology has rapidly changed in the past several years and Slave Lake Communications has kept right up to speed with the wireless technology. The company has several towers throughout the area and can custom build a wireless network for any home, business, service rig, or farm. Internet cables are not available in many rural areas and Slave Lake Communications has stepped up to the plate to provide totally wireless Internet and phone service.

Not only is Internet service sometimes spotty within a geographic area, but also within a home or business. Using high speed wireless internet technology (point to point communication), Slave Lake Communications can custom build a wireless network within your home, business or anywhere you need to keep you connected effortlessly anywhere on your property. Custom, competent and local service is what separates Slave Lake Communications from the others.

Slave Lake Communications has locations in Slave Lake and Whitecourt. Together they service the communities of Wabasca, Calling Lake, Swan Hills, Kinuso, Whitecourt, Slave Lake, Red Earth, Fox Creek and most of the rural areas in between. Family owned and operated, Slave Lake Communications serves the unique communications needs of Northern Alberta.

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Unlimited Internet In Slave Lake

Internet Slave LakeOur Mom used to always say, “There’s no such thing as FREE…”

More and more we have been getting questions from Slave Lake and area residents if we have unlimited high speed internet plans available here at Slave Lake Communications Ltd. and I start to hear my Mom’s voice ringing in my ears…

The term “unlimited” gets thrown around a lot in the telecommunications industry and in reality, my Mom was right (don’t tell her I told you) – everything always a price.

The major reason for using a term such as “unlimited” is to Read the rest of this entry