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Internet Slave LakeOur Mom used to always say, “There’s no such thing as FREE…”

More and more we have been getting questions from Slave Lake and area residents if we have unlimited high speed internet plans available here at Slave Lake Communications Ltd. and I start to hear my Mom’s voice ringing in my ears…

The term “unlimited” gets thrown around a lot in the telecommunications industry and in reality, my Mom was right (don’t tell her I told you) – everything always a price.

The major reason for using a term such as “unlimited” is to get your attention, this is strictly a marketing tactic – there’s always fine print. For example, here’s some fine print we came across recently:

Download Limits: The Customer agrees to reasonable data limits. If the Customer has a pattern of excessive usage, the Service Provider may impose additional charges. The Customer will be given 30 days prior written notice to take corrective actions. If corrective action is not taken subsequent to the written notice, charges may be levied. 

In this instance, there’s no clear outline as to what the limits are, leaving the customer open to subjective enforcement of the company providing the service. Excessive usage is not defined leaving the customer vulnerable and open to the unknown. 

What typically happens is the internet service provider will do one of two things: 1) tack on surcharges for over usage to your “unlimited” plan or 2) “throttle back” your service (reduce your internet speeds as you get closer to their usage caps). Either of which, you won’t be receiving the level of service you wanted when you initially signed the contract. Both equal an unhappy customer.

The majority of average Internet users will likely exceed the download limits on their unlimited Internet plans.

If you are an Internet user you will likely fit into one of the following categories:

1) The Basic Internet User: This type of Internet user is very casual and using the Internet for things such as email, browsing the web, minimal social networking, etc. for about an hour a day. This results in minimal usage requirements and a plan with up to 10 GB of data would provide sufficient support.

2) The Average Internet User: This type of Internet user is more frequently online and will frequent social media sites, use video streaming for movies, play online multi-player games, use video chat, etc.). For this type of user, a plan, which provides up to 60 GB of data per month, would be reasonable.

3) The Heavy Internet User: This type of Internet user is constantly accessing the Internet for downloading, uploading, multimedia and entertainment, working from a home office (or at the office), family usage, highly active individuals, etc. This type of customer requires a more flexible plan to meet the data requirements, it is suggested this type of customer should look at a plan that provides 100 GB of data per month would be reasonable, however, depending on the requires, you may have to go higher. Consult an Internet Specialist to accurately determine your needs.

If you are wondering about how much usage you require on a monthly basis, here’s a typical example we give to our customers. Although it can be highly variable, generally speaking, streaming a 2-hour movie can easily take up 1GB of your data usage for that month.

We encourage everyone who is shopping for an Internet service to ask questions, and know what’s expected of you as the end Internet user. Do your due diligence! 

Here’s a list of 10 questions we recommend you ask the Internet Service Provider before signing a long-term agreement with them:

  1. What Do I Really Need?
  2. How Much Does It Cost?
  3. What Are My Options?
  4. What Speed Do I Need?
  5. Do I Need A Static IP Address?
  6. Is High-Speed Internet Service Available In My Rural Area?
  7. Is There A Local Service Department That Can Help Me?
  8. What’s The Fine Print? (i.e. what limits are there)

Call us old school, but our philosophy is to be up front and forthright with our Internet customer. We openly provide our data usage limits and speeds and will even send you a report weekly so you can police your own usage.

Please do your own research before signing any long-term Internet service provider contracts and protect yourself from getting into something you didn’t sign up for. Before you ask – no, we don’t offer unlimited plans – we offer plans that will suit your needs and provide you with the kind of service you deserve (we are a local family business).

Should you have any questions about Internet Slave Lake, Swan Hills, High Prairie, Calling Lake, Red Earth, Wabasca and most areas in between, please feel free to give us a call (780) 849-2429.

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