Frequently Asked Questions


common questions

Here are some of the questions and answers you may be looking for below. We’re here to answer any questions you might have – give us a call (780)849-2429

Q: What kind of Internet do you provide?

A: We are a Fixed Wireless Internet provider. Your router is connected to a radio mounted on your building, which communicates with our Radio Towers. We do not use s
attelites, telephone, or television wiring. The only thing you need is electricity.

Q: What are the advantages of Fixed Wireless vs Satellite Internet?

A: We can provide significantly faster speeds, with better latency (suitable for gaming), compared to Satelite Internet services.

Q: Can you provide Internet to my House or Business?

A: Please see our Coverage Map for the general areas we service. If your location is inside (or close to) the coverage area shown, we may be able to provide you Internet. Note that coverage may be limited due to Geography (Hills, valleys, etc). For more details, please call our office at 780-849-2429 or email with the GPS coordinates of your site.

Q: What Internet speeds do you offer?

A: Please refer to our Internet Services page for our plan details. Speeds to your location may be limited due to Geography, or obstructions such as trees. Connections with clear line of sight to our towers are generally capable of higher speeds. All Internet speeds are subject to your Internet Plan.

Q: Why do you recommend connecting the router and radio to a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)?

A: A stable, clean power source is necessary for the reliable operation of electronics. The power supplies for small computing devices such as routers, and the subscriber module radio, are less capable of filtering small fluctuations in the electrical grid than larger electronics like a desktop computer. These small power fluctuations can cause small electronics to stop functioning correctly, requiring a device reboot to correct. The device may also be damaged as a result. Rural customers are more likely to have issues with small power grid fluctuations, and are therefore more likely to have to power cycle their equipment. Even a small Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) will filter out these minor fluctuations, preventing damage to your equipment, and reducing the frequency of reboots required.