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Remote Starters for Your Vehicle

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Slave Lake Communications Ltd. has been selling, installing and servicing remote starters since they became available. We have performed many successful installations for our satisfied customers. Car and truck starters have come a long way and we are up to date with all of the technology, installation and professional services required to get you up and running.

Our remote starters offer 1-way (you push the button and it starts) and 2-way (you push the button, it starts, and sends a signal back to you telling you it started, if your doors are locked, etc.) communications as well as security options for car alarms if you are looking for that as well.

We specialize in installation of all AutoStart products.

We pride ourselves on timely, accurate and professional installation for your personal vehicle or company truck – we know what it’s like to have to go out and start your vehicle in the bitter cold of winter so why not treat yourself or someone you care about to top of the line remote starters…

Slave Lake Communications Ltd. sells and installs stand-alone remote starters or alarm/start combinations. We have a variety of brands, pricing and features for exactly what you need in a vehicle starter.

Contact us at (780) 849-2429 to get a quote on the right remote starters system for your vehicle today!


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