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At Slave Lake Communications Ltd., we offer a number of vehicle & fleet services including but not limited to:
Vehicle & Fleet Services Slave Lake

  • Fleet Services – Slave Lake Communications Ltd. provides and installs communications and other equipment for all types of vehicles including emergency services vehicles, company vehicles, cars and trucks. Our specialties are cellular and satellite phones, GPS, two way radios, fleet tracking, cameras, audio, video, remote starters and light bars.
  • Remote Starters – We pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with all the latest innovations in car and truck starters so you can be assured that our technology and installation services are the best available. Choose from one way or two way starters; the latter signals back to you whether the startup has been successful along with other information such as whether your doors are locked.
  • Car Audio Video – Visit our Slave Lake showroom to select your in-car audio or video equipment with the help of our professional staff. We stock quality brand names including Kicker and SSV Works for audio systems, including speakers, DVDs, cameras, GPS equipment and satellite radio.
  • Custom Installations – If you have a problem with installing equipment in any sort of vehicle, we can help. We specialize in the installation of audio and video systems, remote starters and alarms, electronic equipment, custom electrical and lighting and anything else you could possibly want.

We service Slave Lake, Red Earth, Calling Lake, Wabasca, Kinuso, Swan Hills and most areas in between. Call to see how we can help you stay connected with your vehicle & fleet services (780) 849-2429.


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