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Cellular Installations & Equipment

Slave Lake Communications Ltd. performs complete cell signal booster installations in buildings and vehicles to enhance cellular coverage, or just help our customers get better use out of their cellular products.  We have a team of highly qualified installers who can get the job done.  Mobile phone booster installations are an important part of staying connected, whether it’s for personal use or for work. Our staff is trained to handle all of your cellular installations.

Cellular signal booster installations include (but are not limited to):

  • Buildings: Cell phone booster installation can help to enhance your cellular coverage.  From gas plants to basements, we’re experienced with many different kinds of projects, and can assist with getting you better reception where you need it most.
  • Vehicles: If you travel a lot and are looking for cell phone accessories to help you communicate safely in your vehicle, we can assist you with dash-cradles, Bluetooth / hands-free devices, and boosters / antennas to maximize reception in remote areas.
  • Tractor / Trailers: Two-way radios and other communication / monitoring equipment are imperative in the trucking industry.  We can supply proper telecommunications equipment for owner-operators, as well as cost-effective options for an entire fleet of vehicles.
  • Heavy Equipment: To stay connected in the field or on the farm, we can install the proper communication device(s) in a range of heavy equipment vehicles including cranes and tractors.

Slave Lake Communications Ltd. can handle any and all of your cell signal booster install needs, just give us a call at (780) 849-2429 with any questions you may have regarding cellular installation or cell booster services.


We offer comprehensive plans for personal and business needs depending on your location. If you are looking for high speed wireless options, from a reliable local business check out our internet service plans.